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Premieres 1 April

Art in the Park

Welcome to Haga National Park and the Expedition Photographer by Göran Thulin, in collaboration with Fjärilshuset Haga Ocean

Royal Park Art Walk

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Göran Thulin – The Expedition Photographer.

Adventure and photography have always been great passions for Göran Thulin and in later years he has gotten the opportunity to combine these interests in life. The latest mission was as a photographer in TV4: s adventure program “The Expedition” where the viewers got to follow six celebrities attempt to reach the 6 199 m summit of Lobuche Peak in Nepal.

“The Expedition Photographer” will showcase images from “The Expedition” as well as Göran’s adventure travels to Antarctica, Kilimanjaro, South Africa and the Galapagos Islands.

During the adventure travels you need to battle challenges like sea sickness, altitude sickness, cold, snow storms, electrical supply problems, shoe chafing and stomach ailments. Nothing can get in the way of getting that perfect picture – sometimes you succeed, sometimes you do not!

A lot of the travels have been to areas that are affected by massive negative environmental impact, environments that are changing and at risk of disappearing as we know them today. Göran’s ambition is that the images will engage people so that we all do what we can to preserve these unique environments, but perhaps most of all encourage people to create their own adventures and expeditions.

See Göran’s pictures where nature and animals interact and show themselves at their very best. From the premiere date onwards you can visit the selection of art that his been placed in the park below. All pieces are available for purchase in a limited edition.  

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Tips from the park!

The art walk begins and ends in the garden at Royal Park Hotel. If you visit during the weekend there is opportunity for both food & beverage at Street Food in the Park. Read more

Make sure to maximize the weekend sensation in the park by booking a private hot tub. Read more


Art in the Park

1 April – 31 May

The initiative is free to visit and the installations have been placed in an outside environment. A map of the art walk can be collected at Royal Park Hotel (Frösundaviks allé 15).

The installations placed at Fjärilshuset are available between 10:00-17:00, the rest of the artwork can be visited at any time.

Remember to take care of each other by keeping a safe distance in the park.

A Warm Welcome

Art in the Park

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