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Tillitsverket at Royal Park

As an integral part of destination Royal Park, Tillitsverket reminds us of the importance of human sustainability and provides development using the tool of experienced-based processes.

Meaningful Events

Royal Park / Meet / Tillitsverket

Tillitsverket is a free initiative founded by people who believe in daring to work long term, preventive and border crossing in order to build a more trusting and sustainable society.

The goal is to create a movement that supports children, youth and adults to preserve the trust in their abilities to create a more vivid society to both live and work in. For positive change to take place people need to be provided with insights, experiences, inspiration and knowledge on how we can change ourselves.

Organizational Development at Royal Park

Tillitsverket is bookable for workshops and interactive lectures under the guidance of conscious change through experiences. Many people agree that human abilities like trust, creativity, cooperation creates efficient organizations. But how can we as individuals and organizations develop these abilities to actively lead the change that our organizations and society so desperately need. How can human abilities be a part of the solution and how do we excel in the process of change. A day with Tillitsverket is like nothing else.

Family Play Days at Royal Park

One Sunday each month Tillitsverket and Royal Park invite adults and children to fellowship and joy into the world of play. We want our Play Days to be a meeting ground for vivid lives. An opportunity to practice and try playfulness, trust, cooperation, empathy, imagination as well as problem solving and do it to a full. For adults and children together. In a world that is becoming more and more segregated, individualistic and characterized by sedentary, playing offers us boarder crossing moments, meetings and experiences.

Christmas Party for All

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas together

Lantern Party

Our lanterns will shine like the stars in the sky

Play Together

A fellowship is formed

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